Thermography Promotes Breast Health at Any Age

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Thermography Advantage is educating women on the role thermograms can play in preventative breast health. While mammograms use x-rays to capture images of the structure of the breast, thermography uses infrared sensors to detect changes in the function and physiology of the breast.


“People who get mammograms often think they don’t need a thermogram, but thermograms can catch functional changes that mammograms cannot detect,” says Thermography Advantage owner and certified Thermographer Carolyn Olson. For example, inflammation, a precursor to cancer, is detectable by thermography and not mammography.

Thermography can also offer a head start on preventative care because it is effective for patients younger than the age recommended for mammograms. “Many women under 45 aren’t thinking about screenings and they’re thinking they’re safe from cancer. But it’s not that they’re safe from cancer, it’s that mammograms don’t work for women in that age group yet, often because their breasts are denser,” Olson explains. Because thermography is not affected by breast density (which can be a trait of older women as well), Olson recommends that everyone older than 20 have an annual thermogram.

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