CBD Brings Health Home

Brittany Bailey

Brittany Bailey

Mississippi Retailer Emphasizes Consistency and Quality

by Meredith Montgomery

Two years ago, Brittany Bailey was a preschool teacher in Louisiana relying on prescription medications to manage her epilepsy and migraines. That all changed when a friend in New Orleans introduced her to CBD, the hemp-derived cannabidiol. “I felt I had more control of my body, I had less migraines and I felt calmer. I thought, ‘I have to share this with everyone!’” she recalls.

Bailey moved to Mississippi after the 2018 school year to open Your CBD Store in Gulfport, the first store of its kind in the area. “Originally I was told I couldn’t open the store but I fought for it because I moved here to start this business,” she recalls. Her persistence paved the way for future businesses like hers—the city amended paperwork to accommodate CBD-focused businesses and after a month and a half of meetings with the legal department and the city council, she was granted city approval to open her doors. Less than a year later, the city of Ocean Springs welcomed the opening of her second location.

With hemp-focused retailers popping up everywhere, Bailey believes the company’s consistency of product is what sets them apart. Unlike other retailers, Your CBD Stores only carry a single brand—SunMed—and with locations in 38 states across the country, there’s a good chance a Your CBD Store is nearby when you’re away from home. “We carry SunMed because quality and potency are really important and when stores carry multiple brands, they’re not all consistent. When you just have one brand, you know you have the same quality in every product and it’s easier to determine proper dosage and which products to use.”

Your CBD Store offers a wide variety of inventory, from tinctures and skincare to a pet line, plus much more to come, including CBD patches. All of their products are made using organically grown hemp from Colorado that has been certified by the state’s Department of Agriculture. In addition to having a naturally high level of CBD, the hemp has an abundance of other beneficial cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and amino acids.


Bailey notes the value of terpene-rich CBD, saying, “Terpenes are hemp’s essential oils. The more research they’re doing, the more they’re finding out how important terpenes are to the body.” Myrcene, the primary terpene found in cannabis (giving the plant its distinct aroma) has relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties. “Typically in the extraction process, terpenes burn off and you lose them in the end product, but SunMed takes extra time to extract the terpenes and add them back to the CBD oil,” explains Bailey.

They utilize a CO2 extraction process, which eliminates the need for chemical solvents, to produce both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum (THC-free) options. Rigorous testing is performed on all products and lab results are available to customers online.

With most of her customers coming in to try CBD for the first time, Bailey still feels like she’s teaching every day, even though she’s no longer in a classroom. But it’s CBD’s impact on her personal life that she is most passionate about.

“For 17 years I was given prescriptions for my migraines and epilepsy. Pain meds would leave me completely out of it and they didn’t even help stop the headaches. Who wants to live like that? You can’t function as a parent like that,” Bailey says. CBD allows her to more calmly deal with life’s hurdles while helping her to feel more in control of her daily routine. “Our company saying is ‘Where good health hits home’ because finding a natural-based solution that works for you is so important for not only yourself, but for the whole family.”

For more information, visit GulfportMS.CBDrx4u.com.