Massage-Like Therapy Reduces Inflammation

electro lymphatic therapy.jpg

Electro-lymphatic therapy is offered at ThermographyAdvantage to reduce inflammation and support the immune system. As the body’s natural waste removal system, the lymphatic system carries toxins out of the body. When it becomes sluggish, the lymphatic fluid becomes jelled and gets stuck in different areas of the body, causing inflammation, which can lead to disease and sickness.

“Since lymphatic organs play an important role in the immune system, the proper flow of lymphatic fluid can have a positive effect on many conditions faced by our clients,” says ThermographyAdvantage owner and certified lymphatic therapist Carolyn Olson. Electro-lymphatic therapy has been used to help patients with general inflammation, lymphedema, edema and water retention, cancer, heart disease, cosmetic enhancement, pre- and post-athletic application, enlarged prostate and general detoxification.

Sessions last approximately one hour and feel similar to having a light touch massage, as two small handheld wands are gently moved across the body to break up the lymphatic fluid and promote its proper flow.

ThermographyAdvantage is based in Mobile with locations across the Gulf Coast from Louisiana to Florida. In addition to electro-lymphatic therapy, they offer breast thermography, full body thermography, biofeedback technology and infrared sauna sessions.

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