A Holistic Approach to Breast Health

Thermography Advantage Offers Preventative Care and Early Detection

Carolyn Olson has always been fascinated by holistic solutions. She vividly remembers being stung by a wasp at the age of 3 and how her pain immediately dissipated when a neighbor put tobacco on it. “I think there is a natural solution for everything. We just have to become aware of what’s available to us,” she says.

Carolyn Olson

Olson’s family has a significant history of cancer and she was never pleased with the treatment plans she witnessed. She says, “I have always been looking for better options and methods of preventative care.”

With a background in nursing, Olson first learned about thermography in a cancer prevention seminar for continuing education credits. As a Mobile resident she searched for local thermographers, but ended up having to drive to Atlanta for her first breast thermography appointment. After making the multi-state commute, she decided to open Thermography Advantage in Mobile. With a decade of experience as a certified thermographer, she now serves clients in nine locations from Louisiana to Florida.

“Since I’ve always leaned toward holistic care, this was a good match because it is radiation-free, non-invasive and highly effective,” says Olson, who utilizes the only thermography camera that is registered by the FDA as a medical device. The digital infrared thermal images are interpreted by a panel of certified medical doctors and that information is utilized for the prevention of and early protection from diseases.

Thermography is most known for breast screening—a procedure that takes 15 minutes and requires no compression of the breast tissue. This natural approach helps women of all ages detect breast disease at an early stage, and is particularly useful for women under 50 where mammography is less effective.

As a test of physiology, thermography can detect subtle changes in breast temperature that accompany breast pathology, whether it is cancer, fibrocystic disease, an infection or a vascular disease. Although it can offer the opportunity of earlier detection than mammography alone, thermography is an adjunct to the appropriate usage of mammography, not a competitor. “What one might miss, the other can catch; it’s important to look at it from all angles,” says Olson, who advises using thermography prior to a mammogram. “Mammography might damage the tissue which will show up in thermography, plus if we see something in the thermogram, a doctor can then focus on that area in the mammogram.”

In addition to being used by a patient’s doctor for diagnosis of disease, many of Olson’s clients use thermography to form a baseline for future routine evaluations so they can watch for changes from year-to-year.

“If changes occur in the thermogram yet a mammogram reveals that nothing is wrong, we still encourage clients to focus on that area of inflammation to prevent disease down the road. We offer electro-lymphatic therapy which is a noninvasive way that we can get rid of inflammation, help heal the body and keep you well,” says Olson.

The lymphatic system removes waste from the body and plays a vital role in the immune system. When it becomes sluggish, fluid can get stuck in different areas of the body causing inflammation, which can contribute to myriad symptoms and illnesses from colds and excess water retention to hypertension and cancer. A lymphatic therapist can foster the flow of lymph by lightly and smoothly moving small handheld wands across the body. “It’s painless and very calming—it’s similar to having a light touch massage,” Olson explains. Another thermogram can be taken after electro-lymphatic therapy so clients can see how effective the treatment was.

Full body thermography can monitor inflammation beyond the breast and detect dysfunction of organs. If someone is experiencing digestive issues, a thermogram of their abdomen will reveal what part of the body is causing the issues. If inflammation shows up on the imaging of someone without symptoms, the client is encouraged to take preventative measures before dysfunction occurs.

Thermography Advantage’s additional services include biofeedback technology and infrared sauna sessions. Olson says, “Everything I offer is something I truly believe in. I believe in them for the well-being of my clients, but I also believe in them because they’re healthy for me.”

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