The Health Hut Celebrates 35 Years


For 35 years, The Health Hut has been a local resource for high quality, natural products and superior customer service. Since opening their doors, the goal of the staff has remained the same: to help local residents live healthier lives.

“We truly try to help people conquer their current health concerns and improve their lives,” says Claude Hutchinson, who has been employed by The Health Hut since the early 2000s. “It’s what all nutritional stores should strive to be.”

Jill Fletcher, who has worked at the West Mobile location for nearly 21 years, is proud to be a part of The Health Hut team. “I watch my co-workers day in and day out and see that they are not only knowledgeable in their different fields, they genuinely want to help people. Their kindness and integrity is undeniable,” she says.

Initially the store operated out of a small house on the corner of Old Government Street and Schillinger Road, when that part of Mobile was still relatively undeveloped. It has since grown to three locations (including a Daphne store), and 35 years later, many of the original customers are still loyal patrons at The Health Hut.

HH1 staff July 2017.jpg

As the local business has grown, so has the natural care industry. As a result, staff members observe that the customer is now much more informed and open-minded about trying natural products. “More people are starting to view supplements and herbs as an effective way to maintain health,” notes Jeff Freeman, co-manager and grandson of the original owner, Betty Freeman.

To keep up with market demand, The Health Hut continues to expand their inventory and offer customer incentives such as a rewards program and various discounts. They also have their own line of organically grown herbs and essential oils called Hale Ola.

Co-Manager Brock Cole emphasizes that superior customer service has always been the primary focus, saying, “Products have come and gone, but the same great customer service remains.” Education is also a priority. All staff members are required to complete ongoing product trainings so they can educate their customers.

“I am passionate about helping others be proactive with their health,” explains owner Jeff Sheldon. “By educating people, we can empower them to take control of their health and happiness, and that is very satisfying to all of us.”

Looking forward, The Health Hut will continue to focus on the health needs of their customers. The customers and their needs are why the staff members—from the owner to the newest employee—go to work every day.

Summing it up, Fletcher says, “Dream big, but don’t ever forget why we’re here—to maintain principles of love and respect for the customers and for each other. We keep the heart of the business about the people.”

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