Peak Alkalinity Offers Simple Solutions for Overall Health


Can the key to wellness be in the water you’re drinking? Missy Guitterrez believes that the most important step to healthy living is maintaining a slightly alkaline blood chemistry. As the founder and co-owner of Peak Alkalinity LLC, she suggests that the easiest way to do this is to drink alkaline water.

“Sure, you’d probably be alkaline if you ate a raw food diet, lived a stress-free life and avoided coming in contact with toxins, but that’s hard to do,” she notes. “Drinking alkaline water is the simplest and quickest solution, plus it’s all natural.” When pH levels in the bloodstream are at an optimum level (7.2 to 7.4), the body thrives, resulting in a boost in the detoxification process, improved immunity, easier weight management and slowed aging.

Guitterrez practiced pharmacy for six years in Louisiana before spending 20 years in the financial services industry. She is a former collegiate athlete and holder of 10 AAU medals in Shotokan karate, but she has also suffered from several chronic health issues.

After spending copious amounts of time with various physicians, a doctor with a biochemistry background offered Guitterrez some solutions. “She taught me that everything happens at the cellular level, which helped me look at things from a different perspective,” she recalls. Following an intensive round of diagnostics, the doctor incorporated western and eastern medical approaches which, for the first time, led to drastic improvements in Guitterrez’s health. “It motivated me to change my lifestyle—especially my diet, since most everything starts in the gut—and I started drinking alkaline water to change my blood chemistry,” Guitterrez says.

More than a decade later, as a mom and successful businesswoman, Guitterrez experienced another shift in perspective with the passing of her mother. “I knew Mom was a giver but I had no idea to what extent until I started looking through her checkbook and talking with all the people she had touched,” Guitterrez recalls. “Her life was so meaningful and it made me question what mine was going to be about.”

She began researching alkaline water businesses as a desire to give back to the community grew. The multi-level marketing and online sales approach of other alkaline water companies did not appeal to her because she wanted a larger educational component.

“I felt called to help others detoxify and I had a vision for a showroom that could be used to educate the community,” Guitterrez explains. Through a series of serendipitous events, things fell into place and her dream became a reality with the opening of Peak Alkalinity last fall, in downtown Fairhope.

Guitterrez chose to relocate her family from Louisiana to open the store in Fairhope not only because of its small-town charm and proximity to her previous home, but also because of the clusters of rare cancers being documented along the Gulf Coast.

Approximately a quarter of the people that come into Peak Alkalinity are oncology patients. Because cancer cells thrive in an acidic environment, it is believed that a higher pH level in the body can slow or stop cancer growth.

Striving to continue the generous legacy of Guitterrez’s mom, Peak Alkalinity gives free alkaline water to any oncology patient that comes in and is working on installing alkaline water ionizers in area cancer centers. The business also donates 10 percent of all proceeds to a different charity each month.

Customers come in seeking relief from a long list of chronic issues including acid reflux, gout, arthritis and diabetes. “Plus we see a ton of healthy people that want more energy, and athletes that want to increase their speed and recovery time,” she says.

In addition to filling bottles with alkaline water, Peak Alkalinity offers three types of alkaline water ionizers at competitive prices so consumers can transform their own tap water into health-boosting alkaline water. The store also sells BPA/BPS-free water bottles and houses HydroZen, which offers a full menu of massage services, infrared sauna sessions (which include a collagen shower) and detoxifying foot spas.

Peak Alkalinity believes that drinking alkaline water is a form of preventative healthcare. With customers calling to place orders from across the country and talks of a Mobile location opening later this year, it is evident that this locally-owned store is inspiring lifestyle changes for countless individuals.

“Our mission is optimal health, from the inside out,” says Guitterrez. “It’s more important than ever to keep our bodies as pure as possible, because of the contaminants we encounter daily. There’s no better way to do this than by drinking water that gives us exactly what we need for great health.”

Location: 217-B Fairhope Ave., Fairhope, AL. For more information, call 251-270-7200 or visit